NBA RECAP. Cleveland and San Antonio continues to show their ability to compete as they take the first two games. not just the starters but the bench step up as well. The Cavs shot over 50% in both games, LeBron James averages an Double Double. he scored 32pts and recorded 13ast in game 1, 25pts and recorded 10 rebounds in game 2. Kyrie Irving scored 23pts in game 1 and 37pts in game 2. The Spurs shot 53% in game 1 45% in game 2. Kawhi Leonard averages 30pts per game, he scored 32pts in game 1 , 37pts in game 2. can the Indiana and Memphis catch up. or are we looking at a clean sweep? Bucks lead 1-0 vs. Raptors, Bulls lead 1-0 vs. Celtics and jazz tops the clippers. second game is tonight. Utah definitely shot the best out of these six teams. 48% from the field and 40% from behind the arc. they also recorded 45 rebounds. this team might surprise a lot of people and if they keep playing like this they should have no problem advancing to round 2. Chicago, Boston, Los Angeles and Milwaukee are pretty much shooting the same 42,43 and 44% from the field. Toronto shot the worst out of ever team in the NBA so far 36% from the field and 21% behind the arc. Milwaukee, Chicago and Utah takes game 1. judging by the first game Milwaukee should take this one too. Chicago, Boston and Los Angeles should be a good matchup I can definitely see a game 6 or 7. Washington, Houston, and Golden State lead this series 1-0 second game on 4/19/17 will they keep their lead or can Portland, Oklahoma, Atlanta even it up. Portland and Atlanta maybe! but Oklahoma what are doing you have an MVP on your team Mr. triple double him self. shooting 37% from the field and 31% from behind the arc. the second worst in the NBA. look Toronto and Oklahoma you are both good teams but if you don’t put a little pep in your step your both going to be at home watching the playoffs with me. lol people lie, numbers don’t just my point of view what’s yours.


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